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Enrol with us

Discover the magic of Gardner Road Kindergarten, where families find joy and children thrive.


Schedule your visit today by calling us at 638 8760.


Our doors are open, and we're eager to share our vibrant environment and engaging program with you.


Join us at 10am to experience the enchantment of our music program firsthand.

How do I enrol my child?

Fill in the pre-enrolment form via the link above and your child will be put on our waiting list.

Come in and visit us, and fill in the form here.

Email or phone us and we can send you out a form.

At the moment children are starting at 3 years of age if they are fully toilet trained.

Come and see our programme in action.

Sorry about the mess, noise and laughter - we are learning.

At what age should I enrol my child?

We accept pre-enrolment from any age.


Children typically begin around their third birthday when spaces become available. 


If you are new to the area with a child who is already aged 3 or 4, give us a call and we will see whether we can help you.

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Painting sping flowers at Kindergarten
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