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Having fun at music time

Session & fee info

A warm, caring

and encouraging

learning environment 

Why learn with us?

Pre-school education teaches children essential pre-reading, pre-writing and pre-maths skills through play and activities.

Children here learn to be independent, resilient, inquisitive, and to interact and socialise with teachers and other children.

Sharing, task completion, independence, asking, cooperation and following simple rules, routines and instructions are all skills they will learn at Gardner Road Kindergarten and help them in all that they do for the rest of their lives.

They will learn about the world around them in a safe and happy place.

Session times

Monday to Friday

8:45am - 2.45pm


Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays

3 to 5 year olds



Preference given to 4 to 5 year olds

Our Kindergarten observes the same terms and breaks as primary schools, including public holidays.

"I learn through play"

What to bring

Morning tea and lunch


  • All children must bring their own healthy morning tea and lunch. Preparing a separate container for morning tea and another for their lunch.  This helps them manage their food intake during the day and to avoid them eating all their food at morning tea. 


  • Containers should be clearly labelled.


  • Children should be able to open the containers themselves - this encourages independence.


  • Children bring along their own drink bottle which they can access throughout the session.

  • No yoghurts, eggs, nuts (including peanut butter and egg sandwiches) chocolate, jelly liquids or lollies please.

Art at Gardner Road Kindergarten

Session charges

$21.60 per session - using ECE hours

or part thereof @ $3.60 per hour.

$62.16 per session - not using ECE hours

or part thereof @ $10.36 per hour.


This cost includes all outings and
in-house educational visitors to kindergarten.​ 

Gardner Road Kindergarten is part of the government scheme, which allows all children over the age of 3, to receive 20 hours of early childhood education a week.​​

However, the government subsidy is not sufficient to cover the high-quality education provided by the five fully-qualified teachers at each of our sessions.


So we request an optional charge of $21.60 per session for ECE hours claimed here.

​As the kindergarten is an incorporated society, we also charge one annual membership fee of $10 per family.

Our programme

Te Whariki (the New Zealand curriculum for early childhood education) informs our teaching practises through its five strands; Well-being, Belonging, Contribution, Communication and Exploration. 

Our stimulating programme provides:


  • A mixture of free play and mat time, which helps ease the transition to school by getting children used to sitting still and listening.


  • Teacher-directed learning and play-based learning, delivered with a sense of creativity and fun.


  • A wide range of activities to choose from including: active and quiet, planned and spontaneous, indoor and outdoor.

  •  Music mat time every session.

  • ​​Dedicated small group activities, in house visits, impromptu walks and outings​.

"I may get dirty or wet when I'm finding out about things. But if I make a discovery then it's been worth it."

Waterplay at Gardner Road Kindergarten
Clothing & sunscreen


  • Please dress your child in old clothes and pack spare clothes in your child's bag. Play and exploration can be messy!

  • In winter, warm clothing in layers and practical footwear is essential, as we sometimes go for walks.


  • All clothing, shoes and bags must be clearly named.

  • In Terms 1 and 4 all children must bring a hat if they want to play outside. 

  • Please apply a suitable sun screen that will last all day before you drop your child off, as we don't have supplies at Kindergarten. 

Getting messy is fun!
What to bring
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