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Session structure


Arrival: free-play activities

  • Collage, stickers, playdough & gluing

  • Dress-ups / Family play

  • Story corner

  • Puzzles & games

  • Building blocks, cars & trains

  • Climbing frame & swings

  • Sandpit

  • Outside carpentry

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Music time

All children come together on the mat to discover the joys of music, song, movement and dance. They are exposed to different musical instruments, live and recorded music, classic children’s nursery rhymes and songs.


Add to this some lively dance steps taught by our teachers and our children have a wonderful foundation in music and rhythm.

Bell rung for washing hands

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Morning Tea


Children sit together on the mat to eat their morning tea.



Free play or ​group work


Group 2:

When children turn 4 ,they take part in Group 2 once a week. This is a small group-based activity lead by a teacher where they learn to work together on a common task. 

Big Peoples group
When children turn four and a half they join our “Big Peoples” group. This teacher-lead activity is designed to prepare children for for the classroom environment. 

Younger children take part in free play activities.

Bell rung for washing hands





Children sit together on the mat to eat their lunch

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Quiet time & Free Play

Stories, puzzles, games and quiet activities with a teacher or free play​​.


Tidy up time


All children are encouraged to tidy up kindergarten. It is part of learning to care for and respect their environment.



Story time

All our children come together and sit as a group on the mat to develop their pre-literacy and numeracy skills.


The children listen to stories and learn rhymes and songs such as the “ABC” song and “Five Brown Buns”. These activities also teach them listening skills and how to cooperate as part of a group.


Home time

Caregivers are asked to wait outside until a teacher opens the door at 2:45pm. This reduces disruptions and allows the children to concentrate on the story.

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